Warming up

Do you ever meet someone hot and get super excited and feel a kind of warm melty buzz and curiosity in your cunt … but then life or shyness or wussiness intervenes and you just don’t get around to asking them out (or making them ask you out)?  And then, months later, the stars align and you can dive into the connection and it can really take off?

That’s sort of what this blog has been like.  After the initial burst of energy with which I set it up, I’ve been neglecting it for far too long … but now I’m back and the timing is right and I will be posting stories soon, I hope. I continue to think up nasty stories all the time—there’s the one about the unwitting secretary/porn star, and the one featuring the hot sexologist, and then there are the animé triplets—but mostly I get, um, distracted before I actually write them down. Maybe I need some discipline… hmm!

But I have updated the Links –>  section with some of my favorite sites for your perusing pleasure.  If you’re interested in the free speech / global politics aspect of smut, you can read this Wall Street Journal article about one of them: Savita Bhabhi, the randy Indian housewife porn cartoon character who was censored back home and had to migrate to an overseas server in order to continue fucking her way through various houseboys and repairmen, beauty-contest judges, and teenage neighbor twins.

Or you could just look at her tits some more.

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