The Sexy Grammarian tops me!

Is there anything hotter than a good takedown scene?

How about being dressed down for one’s grammar during a takedown scene?

I get a guest appearance on The Sexy Grammarian’s most excellent blog:

Yes, that’s a picture of her. Isn’t she hot?  Go check her out.  Now.

One thought on “The Sexy Grammarian tops me!

  1. I blush willingly at your flattery. It was honor to have you grace the humble pages of my blog last week. I eagerly await our next collaboration.

    Kristy Lin Billuni
    The Sexy Grammarian

    P.S. My! Such authority you wield! That commanding “now” at the end of this post created an impressive traffic spike on my end. Even *I* feel compelled to check myself out.

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