Porngate — my voice online!

Last night I had a sexy phone date with  … the BBC!   Such cute accents!

Audio voyeurs, you can listen in on our steamy chat at this link: BBC World Have Your Say 9 February 2012.  Tune in to hear me blame the British for bringing Victorian hypocrisy to India, argue that India needs more porn, and explain why advocating for frank depictions of consensual adult sex has nothing to do with child pornography.  Our hot and heavy four-way debate on #porngate starts at 08:58 mins, and my voice starts around 14:55.

Bonus trivia for pervs: Do you know what BBC stands for in the porn world?  Wanna find out?  Do a google image search for “BBC”, with your “Safe Search” setting OFF.  Warning: Do not do this at work. Unless, of course, you work in the Karnataka state legislature.


Missed my earlier posts on #porngate?  Here you go:

How to Watch Porn in India (emergency advice column):

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2 thoughts on “Porngate — my voice online!

  1. Roh says:

    I caught this just as I was about to switch off my comp. I’ll listen to it on my way to Lekhana tomorrow – right now I need to drop. But v. excited to see this.

    Also, who doesn’t know what BBC is? In porn or otherwise? People who’ve just been educated should weigh in here. How did they miss it?

  2. im quite amazed to know this. I didn have had any expectation about it. Gotta check now. Btw thnx for the share.

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