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“A woman known for her independence, with no sexual bars, and acting as she wishes, is called svairini. She makes love with her own kind. She strokes her partner at the point of union, which she kisses.” (from Jayamangala’s commentary on the Kama Sutra 2.8.13)

M. Svairini currently straddles two countries (she has very strong thighs) and is the creatrix of The Bottom Runs the Fuck: Stories. She is the winner of a National Leather Association: International writing award and has contributed smut to Safeword magazine, literary zines, and Yoni Ki Baat (a South Asian version of the Vagina Monologues). Her stories exhibit themselves in the Circlet Press anthology Up for Grabs 2: The Third Gender; the Perverts of Color anthology; and Alchemy: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories 2. Though she opposes Big Oil and climate change, she strives to make the world hotter and wetter for kinky brown-skinned queer & trans folks.  She entertains story suggestions, queer propositions, and offers of vast amounts of money at m.svairini [at] gmail. You can follow her slavishly on Twitter at @msvairini .

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