In the top 4 Indian women bloggers — me!

Welcome, new readers of The Bottom Runs the Fuck!  Please scroll way down this blog and read some smut, or take a shortcut to my award-winning Kaliyuga Yoni piece.

Thanks very much to @makeysitlhou  and  @Halabol for putting me on your list of loudmouth women bloggers:  Women Aloud Blogging.

Makepeace (yes, her real name!) asked me some questions via email, so here’s the extended dance mix version of our interview:

Makepeace: 1) For a woman writer to write about sex and erotica in a smut way, does blogging offer a ‘safer’ as well as a lesser inhibited space because of the possibility and prevalence of moralistic editors or sales driven marketeer publications?    2) You have been writing dirty for a long time. However, (from my observation & knowledge) you gained the viral attention from your porngate piece [How to Watch Porn in India] and more recently were published in the First Post for your piece titled for The Dirty Picture. Would you say you were bummed that you got THIS attention from sex moral satires rather than a pure erotica piece? Moreover, is the former still more publicly popular than the latter? 

M. Svairini: Regarding your questions — my short answer is pretty much “no” to all.  My experience is very positive.

I’ve had fantastic editors who have enthusiastically published my work, whether smut or commentary:  FirstPost, Circlet Press, Safeword magazine, and at least three upcoming anthologies (one from Zubaan, another from Westland/Tranquebar, and a third to be determined).

So, hooray for editors, hooray for publications!  Sex writing sells better than almost any other kind of writing; there is absolutely no lack of markets.

And I don’t actually know any men who write smut professionally or semi-professionally; I’m sure there are some, but I definitely don’t feel like women are underrepresented in the field.

So, the blog is one of many ways that I share my writing, not something I do because I can’t get published/paid elsewhere!

All writers are attention whores and, barring criminal activity, we are quite happy to have our work spread or “go viral” for any reason whatsoever. 🙂

When I write about something in the news, I expect a certain kind of immediate uptick in traffic.  But over time, the traffic on the story posts is just as high or higher.  So I don’t think one is more popular than the other, it’s just a different kind of popularity.

If people read and are turned on — whether by the sex, the ideas, the critiques, or the humor — then I’m happy.

Writing about sex is one of the most powerful things I do.  Nothing about it is a bummer!

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